Taisia Lanyugova

Board member, Novosibirsk
Тел.: 8 999 450 12 11 (whatsapp)
Email: tais8585@gmail.com
Соц.сети: Профиль

Education: Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Psychology Department, Major in Educational Psychology (incomplete, finished 4 years) 

Ms. Lanyugova worked as a peer counselor at EVA Association and Novosibirsk Regional Public Organization “Humanitarian Project,” and is currently chair of Local Novosibirsk Public Organization Patient Help Community for People Living With HIV “Ostrov” (Island). 

I have been living with HIV since 2004. In 2006 I became a peer counselor and got involved in developing the patient community. I organized and maintained a support group. Today I am the chair of the patient organization “Ostrov.” I develop work with women and children who are affected by the HIV epidemic. I lead groups for women (which you can attend with children) and work as a peer counselor and project coordinator. I conduct seminars about HIV at the general meetings of a self-help group. I live with an open face. I am a member of EVA Association. For me, EVA is an informational and psychological resource. It’s important to feel like part of a bigger association of people with shared values. 

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