Ekaterina Vinnikova

Senior accountant, Saint-Petersburg
Email: vinnikova@evanetwork.ru

Ekaterina graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television with a major in economics and focus on enterprises in the social and cultural sphere.

She joined E.V.A.’s team in 2013. She is responsible for the organization’s accounting and taxes and takes care of the internal and external financial reports, and carries out financial plans and budgeting activities.

Until I came to E.V.A. I couldn’t imagine that in the enlightened 21st century HIV positive people could still face stigma and discrimination because of their status. We can not allow a person who is coping with their diagnosis to be left without support. People need not condemnation but a dialogue for equality and real actions to improve their lives. It is wonderful that at E.V.A. they can receive both. I am glad that I can make a contribution to this common cause.

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