Ekaterina Mikhailova

Manager, Saint-Petersburg
Тел.: +7 962 724 96 22
Email: mihailova@evanetwork.ru

Ekaterina graduated from Saint Petersburg State University department of Economics and Finance with a major in “accounting and auditing”. Since 1999, she worked in the world of accounting, sales, documents, foreign economic activity and finance. Ekaterina has been working at E.V.A. since April of 2014. She carries out coordinating the activities of various projects, including the implementation of workflow, maintaining project budgets and reporting

. She also works with documents and reporting activities.

Why am I here? It happened that for a long time I have been surrounded by HIV positive people. Some of them are in despair because of their diagnosis, others don’t give up and take action. I hope that I can help both the former and the latter.

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