Elena Merdzhanova

Тел.: +7-978-007-56-50
Email: merdjanova@gmail.com

Currently Elena holds the position of deputy chairwoman for the Sevastopol’ regional charity organization for social projects ‘Harbour Plus’. She has been working in the organization since 2007. She started as a peer counselor.

For two years, from 2010 to 2012, Elena was the regional representative for the all-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV in Sevastopol’.

Direct quote:

“It seems to me that in these challenging times it’s difficult to meet someone who is completely satisfied with the surrounding world. Almost everyone notices the injustice and pain that people experience but only a few decide to take action and have the ability to change the situation. ‘E.V.A.’ is a team of this kind of people, always ready to come and help, on whom you can lean in difficult situations; they help solve problems that seem to be impossible to resolve… and, of course, to simply wipe away the tears of despair… I’m glad that as of recently I can be considered a member of this team!

I adore hiking! Mountains, sea, stars, campfires, and guitar!!!”.

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