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The “EVA” associations were created by people who have learned to overcome difficulties themselves and are ready to teach others about it.

In St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. more than 30 thousand HIV-positive women, across Russia there are more than 500 thousand. We implement projects and programs of assistance and support for these women – so that each can realize herself in life, create a family, find a job, get the necessary assistance and services.

We help HIV-positive women throughout the country to live a full life, protect their rights, create families, work and study, regardless of their status. We have united in association, because no one knows these problems better than us and cannot solve them.

Why Network?

Equal counselors faced many problems of HIV-positive people and shared their experiences with other HIV-positive women, helping to get the necessary and guaranteed help, medical services, to avoid difficult situations in relations with family, friends, government agencies, when applying for work.

The association was founded by women living with HIV, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis. At the core of her work is the practice of peer counselors.

Stats about our work

30 projects supported implemented over 8 years of work

48 consultations are conducted monthly by peer counselors.

58 association members from 78 regions of the country

How funds are spent

All donor funds are spent on existing programs of the association. At the moment, this is the work of peer counselors, the breastfeeding support program for HIV-positive mothers, HIV prevention among drug users, the center for the development of activism. Funds are sent to projects in accordance with the financing schedule. All official program information and reports of the association are published on the website.

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