QuestHIVTest: HIV Testing Among Adolescents

In March 2017, E.V.A. launched the QuestHIVTest project in Saint Petersburg. This project is part of the EECA HIV Testing Campaign for Adolescents QuestHIVTest, which is being implemented by Teenergizer, the Eurasian Union of Adolescents and Youth, with support from UNAIDS.

The idea of the project is the regular monitoring of testing sites by teen volunteers and the creation of a simple and accessible interactive map, on which they will mark the sites where teens will be guaranteed to be provided with quality, friendly services.

Key objectives of the project

Increase the interest in HIV testing among adolescents and youth, provide online support for HIV positive adolescents by means of peer-to-peer counseling and counseling from professional psychologists, evaluate the quality of services provided at testing sites by using an interactive map and mobile application based on Teenergizer.

Time frame of the project:
1 March 2017 through 30 September 2017.

Saint Petersburg.


1) Build a team of teen volunteers in Saint Petersburg.

2) Teen volunteers monitor and collect information about existing HIV testing sites and the quality of their work.

3) Develop a database of testing sites and their categorization of rating depending on the quality of services and their accessibility.

4) Create an interactive map on website.

5) Develop the mobile application map.

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