Center for the Development of Activism

More than 50 participants from 20 regions communicate daily on the sites supported by the moderator on important issues for them – access to drugs, protection of patient’s rights, fight against HIV dissidence, gender aspects of HIV infection

Full Title of Project: Analytical Center for the Development of Initiatives in the Sphere of Providing Support for Women Affected by the HIV Epidemic and Other Socially Significant Diseases.

Timeframe: September 2017 – March 2018

Funded by: Charities Aid Foundation

Ivetta Sergeeva, Project Coordinator: “There are several important directions of activities in this project. First of all, providing activists working with women living with HIV access to relevant and accurate information and opportunities in the field in which we work. Secondly, to create the conditions so that people from different regions can meet, exchange stories and experiences, share plans and so that they know for sure that they are not alone – there are many of us! Thirdly, an attempt to understand the activists’ expectations of the network and collaboratively create a safe and supportive community of like-minded people.”

Project Accomplishments:

Over 50 participants from 20 regions communicated daily on platforms with support from moderators on a range of issues of importance to them: access to treatment, defending the rights of patients, combating AIDS denialism, the gender aspects of HIV infection.

The EVA Secretariat provides technical support for members in preparing theses for conferences, presentations for public events, applications for funding, and also provides access to relevant information (a weekly news digest).

In November 2017 research was conducted in which activists from the EVA network analyze the access of mothers living with HIV to formula milk in six regions of the Russian Federation.

As a collaborate effort the network is gathering a database of reliable peer counselors and specialists in different regions of Russia.

In 2017 we surveyed EVA network members, to learn more about their life plans and activism and prepared an event to assist each EVA member more successfully develop their projects and initiatives. More on this can be found (in Russian) in the presentation “Research on the Expectations of Network Members”.

13 network members received technical support in preparing applications to present and thesis publications for events on various levels.

We are collecting and disseminating the best working practices of activists and organizations in regions across Russia and publish a personal story of a member of the EVA network on a weekly basis, where they share about their work, life experience with disease, and activism.

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