Svetlana Komissarova

Board Member, Tula, General Assembly
Tel.: 8-950-917-57-17
Email: Komissarova-sveta@yandex.ru

Svetlana lives in Tula. She is a certified peer counselor, facilitates peer help groups, leads trainings and group sessions. She has worked as a volunteer at the the Tula branch of the Russian Red Cross for over eight years and in the AIDS service this is her ninth year. Svetlana is a member of E.V.A. Association and also of the All-Russian Union of People Living with HIV.

Membership in E.V.A. allows the opportunity for training, self-realization, to receive help for my clients (psychologists, lawyers) and me, and also material assistance: condoms, literature, pill cases, etc.

I believe that people across the world are equal. And it’s absolutely not important what color skin they have, what what religion is, their sexual orientation, or if they have HIV or not. Therefore the right to life, a full life, is for everyone without exceptions!.

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For 11 years we have been helping HIV-positive women all over Russia to unite and set aside their rights and their dignity as equals among equals.

Even a small donation will help peer consultants do their work and find a way out of difficult situations where the state, relatives and friends are turning away.