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Polina Supronenko

Project Coordinator, «Retention of Patients in HIV Medical Treatment Programs», Secretariat
Tel.: 8-981-821-53-09

Polina has been working at E.V.A. since 2013 as a coordinator. Now she is in charge of the project ‘Retention of Patients in Medical Treatment Programs for HIV’, which is taking place in the Leningrad region. Polina has 12 years of experience in working in the non-profit sector and mainly with projects on primary prevention of socially significant diseases, and she additionally has experience as a monitoring and evaluation analyst. For more than 8 years her work was connected to the fund the ‘Center for Social Development and Information’ /PSI Russia/.

Direct quote: “I’ve been working in the area of preventing socially significant diseases already for over ten years and in that time there have been many projects, various and interesting; I worked with students, volunteers, the military, drug addicted people, and others in all kinds of places – from mobile units to rock clubs, factories, and military bases. I am absolutely sure that some problems must be solved by ‘the whole world’: you can’t walk on by and say that something doesn’t affect me, that doesn’t work!”.

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