Anastasia Kolmykova

Tel.: +7 (917) 113 69 13

Anastasia works in a family-type orphanage for HIV-positive children. Previously she was a peer counselor for HIV and she worked on a project for rapid-testing the populace in Saint Petersburg and in Leningrad region for HIV and on projects of ‘E.V.A.’ Association and the charity ‘Humanitarian Action’.

Direct quote:

“E.V.A. gave me the impetus to action and self-development. Thanks to my work in the partnership I expanded my horizons and expanded my knowledge of working with children. Now I am applying this knowledge to practice.

I am a bright person who can get a crowd going. I am an optimist in life and I know that everything will be okay, the most important thing is to try your hardest.”

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For 11 years we have been helping HIV-positive women all over Russia to unite and set aside their rights and their dignity as equals among equals.

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