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беременность и вич

I Have HIV and I Gave Birth to Triplets

This is the story from a peer counselor named Elena from Samara who helped an HIV positive woman give birth to a healthy trio.


Vika’s Case

Article 122 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation determines responsibility for crimes related with the infection of HIV. However the punishment for this article is envisaged not only for actual infection of the virus, but also for putting another person in a position of danger: if a person who is aware of their status did not inform their partner of their diagnosis, but the infection was not transmitted. And this is exactly what a young woman named Vika, who sought out help from EVA last year, is being tried for. We will tell you what happened before and during the trial.



A One-Way Ticket

Marina is 48 years old and she has been living with HIV infection for four years. Five years ago, a man appeared in the life of this single beautiful and intelligent woman who lived with her elderly mother. Roman pushed things along quickly and only one year later he left Marina just as quickly. But HIV didn’t leave.



Feed me, Mama

Recently we released material about how mothers with HIV acquire formula milk in Great Britain and Russia. The material hit some hard spots. Here is the second installment of the topic.

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Alice in Wonderland – That Doesn’t Exist

This story started with deep love and led to an HIV-infected mother and child. A peer counselor came to help. The story continues.

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“You Simply Must Love More”. The Story of an Adopted Boy with HIV

A woman who adopted a boy with HIV contacted our organization. Read on to hear the story of her family.

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секс работа вич

“I sat on the highway and read a book” : The Story of a Sex Worker

An HIV-positive sex worker from Khabarovsk shared about herself: candidly, on the brink of life, when she had nothing more to lose. Nina is 34 years old, 17 of which she spent working the highway.


женщины в борьбе с вич

‘The Girl Who Learned to Live With HIV’

One of ‘E.V.A.’s” members from Kostroma named Nastya (name changed) shared her personal story about life with HIV, about the difficulties she faced when she learned about her diagnosis and how she overcame them.

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‘Teachers, Lawyers, and Managers Come for Counseling’

Olga (name changed), a member of the ‘E.V.A.’ network and a medical worker shares about how she came to know of her HIV-positive status and managed to remain at her job despite attempts to fire her.

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дети вич

‘Now I simply value my loved ones and relatives more’

Our personal stories of mothers of HIV-positive children continue. Next in line is the story of the young lady under the pseudonym Zima_25 who has been living with HIV for six years and is raising an HIV-positive child.

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дети вич

Svetlana’s Story

We continue our series of personal stories of mothers of HIV-positive children. Next up is the story of Svetlana, raising two marvelous girls, one of whom is HIV-positive.

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“And in the end, life goes on!”

We continue publishing personal stories of mothers of HIV-positive children. Next up is the story of Natalia, who cares for five children, one of whom is HIV-positive.

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