At the gynecologist’s office, you are in charge


On the 21st of December a lecture entitled Without Fear and Rebuke was led by gynecologist Elena Usoltseva. Here we are publishing photos, a video, and a presentation from the event.

In her lecture Elena Usoltseva touched on aspects of interaction between patients and doctors and spoke about what questions from the gynecologist one should be prepared for and which are inappropriate during the appointment. She also gave advice on how to prepare for a gynecology appointment and how to react if, in your eyes, the doctor behaves inappropriately. Elena devoted a large part of her talk to the issue of contraception: she listed the existing methods of taking safety measures against infections and unplanned pregnancy, noting the positive and negative sides of each. In her presentation Elena was able to combine medically sound information from modern scientific research with personal practical experience.

On a Friday evening, women with real interest gathered for the lecture at the “Stories” center. They took notes, asked questions, got into heated discussions, and laughed. The hour and a half lecture seemed too short and therefore the participants rushed to continue the conversation with Elena Usoltseva after her official part of the event had come to an end. The women also gave special attention to the exhibition by Irina Minina, which enabled them to become familiar with the stories of mixed status couples living in Russia.

The video recording of the lecture (in Russian) is online. Unfortunately, the recording is cut off due to technical challenges. We apologize for the low quality of the video. You can also check out Elena Usoltseva’s presentation (in Russian) where all the important information from her lecture can be found.



Лекция гинеколога в "Этажах"

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