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Why Do People With HIV Skip Taking ARVT?

Why do people living with HIV allow themselves to miss taking their antiretroviral treatment?
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Researchers have identified 16 of the most common reasons for this occurrence.

Around 29% of people living with HIV in Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, have gaps in their antiretroviral treatment (ARVT). Researchers have identified 16 of the most common reasons for this occurrence. The research was conducted among 4,425 patients (68% of them were women), with a median age of 40 years old.

The most widespread reason for gaps in treatment is trivial forgetfulness (53% of respondents). Other factors include a feeling of hunger due to taking medication, or a lack of food (30%), as well as various side effects such as nausea or discomfort (12%). Participants in the research mentioned a median of four symptoms and most frequently they were experienced by women specifically. The researchers also found that each additional symptom increased the risk breaking adherence by 12%.

Less common reasons for skipping treatment included the lack of possibility to travel to the place medication was being disbursed due to a lack of transport (11%) and being away from home (3%). The Body Pro portal reported this news.

50.3% of the respondents were prescribed a treatment regime that included ‘Zidovudine’ and 18.2% had Stavudine in their treatment regime.

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