The History of EVA Association

The official registration of the EVA women’s network took place in December 2010, but even before this moment a colossal work was done: the search and motivation of the first “unofficial” network members, strategic planning of activities, choice of name, determination of directions for development, thinking through a PR campaign.

How did EVA Association come about?

n 2009 and 2010 a great number of non-profit organizations existed that worked on various types of prevention of HIV infection and that provided medical and social assistance for women from vulnerable groups. Specialists from non-profits understood that in the regions there were a multitude of unsolved problems, problems which had many similarities.

Fortunately, activists from around the country communicated with each other. This led to the emergence of the idea to create a non-profit network organization, which could unite women-leaders from all the corners of Russia.

Support EVA

For 11 years we have been helping HIV-positive women all over Russia to unite and set aside their rights and their dignity as equals among equals.

Even a small donation will help peer consultants do their work and find a way out of difficult situations where the state, relatives and friends are turning away.