About us

EVA Association is the first non-governmental network organization in Russian that was established to protect women who are affected by the HIV epidemic and other socially significant diseases. EVA Association ’s mission is to improve the quality of life of women who live with socially significant diseases. The organization was founded in 2010 by experienced activists, the majority of whom have been working in the field of improving the access for women living with HIV to medical and social services for over 10 years. Currently EVA Association unites activists from 27 Russian regions.
EVA Association ’s Strategic Goals Until 2020:
1. Improve the access to medical and social services and assistance regarding the rights of women living with HIV and vulnerable to HIV (sex workers, women drug users), as well as to tuberculosis and viral hepatitis in the Russian Federation.)
2. Reduce the stigmatization and discrimination of women affected by the HIV epidemic.
3. Develop the potential of the network’s members.
The Network’s Structure:
— General Assembly
— Board (5 individuals)
— Director (elected for a 5-year term)
— Secretariat (currently includes the network coordinator, logistician, communications specialist, monitoring and evaluations specialist, accountants, and project coordinators)
For whom E.V.A. works:
For non-profit organizations
For government agencies
For activists working in the field of Public Health
For women and children living with HIV and other socially significant diseases, their relatives and loved ones.
“Our main objective is to improve the quality of lives of people affected by epidemics. By this we mean spiritual, psychological, and social development. We work to adapt people in difficult situations, looking at each individual as a unique world in whose structure all the elements must harmonically coexist with one another,” said Julia Godunova, EVA Association ’s  Director.
On December 21st, 2015, EVA Association turned 5 years old. Have a look at the clip that shows the accomplishments of the network in this time: