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Remembering the EVA Forum

Photos, video, presentations

The EVA Forum is an annual event for professionals in the HIV field from various regions of Russia. It presents the opportunity to gain new knowledge related to serving HIV-positive individuals, hear presentations by doctors and experts representing nonprofit organizations, and get acquainted with colleagues in the field and find allies.

The forum took place in St. Petersburg on April 1-2 and included peer counselors, social workers, and specialists from nonprofit organizations and government institutions from 23 cities in Russia. Over the two-day event, participants and speakers were able to discuss the most important aspects of working with HIV-positive people: how to conduct pre- and post-test counseling for young women with high-risk behaviors, the dangers of emotional burnout, Community Advisory Boards, how to collect donations for “difficult” beneficiary groups and much more.

We’re publishing the speaker presentations below.

Roman Polikarpov

«Features of pre- and post-HIV test counseling for young women engaging in high-risk behaviors». Roman Polikarpov, Chairman, “Young Doctors of the Don,” Chief Outside Specialist for the Prevention of HIV Infection, Department of Health, Rostov-on-Don.

«Tools for preventing emotional burnout. Self-help for specialists in the helping professions». Natalia Glikman, psychologist, St. Petersburg charitable public organization “Sodeistvie”

«Preventing HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections. Methods of Prevention. Pre- and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis of HIV». Dr. Maral Tatova, OB-GYN

Dr. Maral Tatova

«Features of Conducting Sociological Research Among Sex Workers in St. Petersburg». Elizaveta Vlasova, Researcher, Institute of Interdisciplinary Medical Research, European University, St. Petersburg

«Preventing HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Sex Workers». Ekaterina Gorbatova, as well as a presentation by Maria Petrova

«Fundraising for Inconvenient Groups». Sofia Zhukova, Acting Director of the Fund “Nuzhna Pomosh”

«Community Advisory Boards (CABs) as a Mechanism for Improving Access to Treatment and Diagnosis». Aleksei Mikhailov, “Coalition for Treatment Readiness” (ITPCru), Director of Monitoring Department

«Summary of Changes in Regulations from January 1, 2021 in the Field of HIV/AIDS». Anna Kryukova, Legal Adviser, St. Petersburg State Budgetary Health Institution “Center for Control and Prevention of AIDS and Infections Diseases”; Lawyer, “Law and Health” project of the charitable fund “Open Medical Club”

«Burnout, Psychological Practice in Working with Resentment, Feelings of Guilt and Shame». Svetlana Izambaeva, Medical Psychologist, State Autonomous Healthcare Institution “Republican Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tatarstan,” Certified Gestalt Therapist, Consultant, International Labour Organization, Member of the Interagency Commission on HIV/AIDS Under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, Member of the Consortium of Women’s Non-Governmental Associations of the Russian Federation

Anastasia Petrova

«Mental Health and HIV: Community Support». Anastasia Petrova, Psychotherapist, Director of the Autonomous Noncommercial Organization “Peer Partners” and consultant to the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) project “HIV and Mental Health”

«Experience of Peer Counseling at Women’s Health Clinics».  Maria Naumova, Member of EVA Association, Peer Counselor, Autonomous Noncommercial Organization “Peers” (Ekaterinburg)

«Working with Women at the AIDS Center Polyclinic». Taisiya Lanyugova, Member of EVA Association, Peer Counselor

«Access to Breast Milk Replacement (Formula) for HIV-Positive Women: What Can Activists and Noncommercial Organizations Do?». Elena Ivanova, Project Coordinator, EVA Association

«Experience Working on a Project for Access to Breast Milk Replacement (Formula) in Chelyabinsk Oblast». Polina Rodimkina, Russian Orthodox Church, Director of Social Services Department, and Specialist for Public Communication, Autonomous Noncommercial Organization “Peers”

«Safe Pregnancy While Living With HIV. Possibilities of Conducting In-Vitro Fertilization Under Compulsory Health Insurance». Dr. Olga Buldina, Reproductive Medicine, Chief Doctor of the Clinic “Mother and Child”

«Preventing Breakdowns. Addictive Behavior». Ekaterina Zykova, Medical Psychologist, EVA Association

«Tuberculosis: Simple Discussion of a Complex Issue». Natalia Sidorenko, EVA Board, Expert in Patient-Oriented Approaches to Treating Tuberculosis, Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS

«Results of an Informational Campaign for Medical Specialists on Social Networks». Changes” Agency

«Access to HIV Treatment, Перебои.ру. ( Principles of ‘Mutual Aid Pharmacies». Yulia Vereshagina, Activist with “Patient Control,” Consultant to the website Перебои.ру

«Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis PrEP». Dr. Nikita Monakhov, Infections Diseases Specialist, St. Petersburg State Budgetary Health Institution “Center for Control and Prevention of AIDS and Infectious Diseases”

Several of the sessions were livestreamed online. You can view the recordings here: 

Stream from April 1

Stream from April 2

You can find more photographs in the album on Vkontakte.

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