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Forum in Kaliningrad

We invite specialists and activists in the HIV field from the Northwestern Federal District to participate in E.V.A.’s regular forum.

The Northwestern Federal District forum will take place in early April (dates to be determined) in Kaliningrad. Participation is open to activists and specialists working in the HIV field from the following regions:

  • Arkhangelsk Oblast;
  • Vologda Oblast;
  • Kaliningrad Oblast;
  • Leningrad Oblast;
  • Murmansk Oblast;
  • Novgorod Oblast;
  • Pskov Oblast;
  • Karelia Republic;
  • Komi Republic;
  • Saint Petersburg;
  • Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

To participate, you must apply by March 9, 2021. We ask that you fill out the application in as much detail as possible, as this information is needed to develop the event program. Specialists and activists participating in an E.V.A. forum for the first time will receive priority in the selection of applications.

Additional questions may be directed to event coordinator Maria Godlevskaya at +7-921-408-32-37.

E.V.A. forums are educational events that, on one hand, allow participants to raise their level of knowledge in the field of care for HIV-positive people and share experiences, and on the other, provide an opportunity to get acquainted with specialists from different cities in the region and find allies.

This short video from our last forum in Kemerovo explains how and why we conduct these events.

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