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Health of Women Living with HIV

On November 12, a seminar for St. Petersburg OB-GYNs took place

EVA Association invited gynecologists from women’s clinics in St. Petersburg to a seminar called “Health of Women Living with HIV” in order to discuss the specifics of medical care for HIV-positive women. 

There were 19 people in attendance. 

Margarita Mekhakovna Martirosyan, OB-GYN at the St. Petersburg Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases, gave a presentation on “Oncological diseases of the reproductive system in HIV-positive women”.

Anna Valentinovna Samarina, doctor of medical sciences, chief freelance pediatric specialist for HIV infection at the St. Petersburg Health Committee, and head of the mother and child polyclinic department at the St Petersburg AIDS Center, discussed modern recommendations for treatment and prevention of HIV infection in pregnant women.

The presentation by Natalia Alexandrovna Sukhova, EVA Association project coordinator, focused on an analysis of the reasons why patients with HIV decline observation.

Polina Vladimirovna Safonova, clinical psychologist at the St. Petersburg AIDS Center, shared her working experience related to treatment adherence in HIV-positive women.

Thank you to our participants and speakers. We hope to conduct similar meetings on a regular basis.

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