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“I’m not going to take antiretroviral therapy because I already feel good”

E.V.A. Association has launched a project to help people diagnosed with HIV feel stable and healthy.

What does that mean?

We often hear:

  • “I’m not going to take antiretroviral therapy because I already feel good”
  • “Pills are a ton of chemicals that will only make me feel worse”
  • “I’ve been taking the pills for a long time and I can afford to take a break”
  • “HIV doesn’t exist — it’s conspiracies cooked up by the pharmaceutical companies”

These beliefs often have serious consequences. For many years we have been helping people with HIV dispel doubts and myths around these issues and support them in starting vital treatment. We work in Tyumen, Ufa, Ivanova and two districts of Leningrad oblast. We can meet with you in person, connect by phone, or correspond on messaging platforms and social media. Contact us: Ufa (“Positive Environment”), Ivanovо (“House of Hope”), Nizhny Novgorod (“STEP”), Tyumen (“Generation”), Vyborgsky district of Leningrad oblast: Sergei at 89319771440, Tosnensky district of Leningrad oblast: Anna at 89219193323.

Support E.V.A.

For 11 years we have been helping HIV-positive women all over Russia to unite and set aside their rights and their dignity as equals among equals.

Even a small donation will help peer consultants do their work and find a way out of difficult situations where the state, relatives and friends are turning away.