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Peer consultant at Saint-Petersburg`s women`s clinics.

Lyubov Shuleba is a specialist in E.V.A Association who engages with the doctors in SPB`s women`s clinics and advices women on the HIV questions.

“I have 4-5 consultations per week in average. Our project just started, so doctors don’t get used to provide their patients with my cards. But I make online consulting in social websites.

The most common question is about transmission HIV from infected mother to her baby. Many questions from HIV- women with HIV+ lovers. I support them and provide with current information.

Many HIV+ women have troubles with antiretroviral therapy after birth. As long as the child`s health depends on woman, she will follow the doctor`s advices, take the medicine and do her best to save her child. Unfortunately, after birth women feel exhausted and don’t care about themselves. Stopping ART leads to grave consequences. I tell women about possible difficulties in advance, ask them about their health, not only their babies”.

You are welcome to ask Lyuba questions about HIV+ life.

+7 (911) 8160955

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For 11 years we have been helping HIV-positive women all over Russia to unite and set aside their rights and their dignity as equals among equals.

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