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Influence of pandemic COVID-19 and HIV on the 3.3 Sustainable Development Goal

20th July 2020 the virtual symposium was held, where some actual questions about dealing with HIV and other infectious diseases during coronavirus epidemic were discussed.

Event organizers: Rospotrebnadzor and UNAIDS. The symposium was held in the preparation of The International Forum “Achievement the Sustainable Development Goals on curbing the epidemic.”

The speakers:

  • Anna Popova, Director of Federal Service on supervision of consumer protection and human well-being, primary sanitary doctor of Russian Federation.
  • Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS.
  • Dr. Hans Kluge, Director of WHO’s European regional bureau.
  • Lena Nanushyan, Vice-Minister of Health-care in Armenia.
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov, Director of resource centre in Moscow.
  • Pavel Savchuk, President of “Volunteers-doctors” Russian social movement.
  • Oleg Dubianskiy, Vice-President and General director of GSK-farm.

Moderators: Natalya Ladnaya, Senior scientist of Epidemiological CSRI, Alexey Kravtsov, epidemiologist of Infectional Control centre in Kyrgyzstan, Julia Godunova, director of E.V.A. Association.

To view the symposium, click here

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