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Why Do You Help?

Important material in which people share why they decided to support EVA’s campaign “Milk for Children”.

This summer the EVA Association launched a campaign entitled “Milk for Children” to collect private donations for infant formula for children of women with HIV. In our news, social media posts, newsletter, and at public events we often reiterate why it is important to us that you support our work. You responded and we value it greatly. On the eve of the New Year, we decided to ask our donors why they decided to support milk formula. Today we are publishing their responses:

Vera Antonova, Head of the Community Organization Umka (Sukhoy Log): “I live and work with such mothers in a small city and I understand that there is a severe lack for infant formula provided by the milk bank. And there is little money to purchase it. In general, they are single mothers. So God himself asks us for help. Now we have a project called Mama + Healthy Child. There are many requests for milk formula, but nowhere to get it.”

Elena, Moscow: “I believe that when one has resources, they should be directed somewhere. For residents in a city, it’s hard to find an honest organization which truly helps people. My choice of organization was influenced by the fact that I personally know some of EVA’s specialists who told me about her work. I am lucky.”

Emma, EVA volunteer: “My friends from the university and I decided to collect money for the EVA Association. I know EVA because this summer I was working as a translator in Saint Petersburg and the work of the girls in this organization left a big impression on me. About 1.5 million people are living with HIV in Russia and EVA supports women living with HIV by providing counseling, sharing the reasons for and consequences of HIV, breaking stigma surrounding HIV, and in general helping women with HIV live as normal a life as possible. These incredible women also provide infant formula to mothers with HIV to prevent HIV transmission from breastfeeding. My friends decided to organize two events to raise funds for this wonderful work and to donate to the Milk for Children campaign since even a small contribution can change a woman’s life. Please read more about EVA on their website and think about donating to this fantastic work.”

Vera, Saint Petersburg: “I myself gave my child infant formula and I know how expensive it is. My contribution is not much, but I believe that big things are made up of tiny actions.”

Anna, Moscow: “I read an article about how women with HIV are not allowed to breastfeed and that this is often a problem when there is no money for infant formula. I had some infant formula that was not suitable for my daughter. I contacted EVA and gave it to them. They know who to give it to.”

Thank you for your decision to support our campaign. Thanks to your donations, we were able to raise 18,694 rubles for milk formula for children of mothers with HIV. 

If you want to join those who support the Milk for Children campaign, you can make a donation of any amount.

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Account number: 40703810601000119912
Bank name: Ф-л Северо-Западный ПАО Банк «ФК Открытие»
BIC: 044030795
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Please, fill-in the payment purpose as follows: Молочные смеси для ВИЧ-положительных мам
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Support E.V.A.

For 8 years we have been helping HIV-positive women all over Russia to unite and set aside their rights and their dignity as equals among equals.

Even a small donation will help peer consultants do their work and find a way out of difficult situations where the state, relatives and friends are turning away.