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Who is helping women in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region?

E.V.A. ran a business meeting with NGOs and state bodies who are currently aiding women in Petersburg and the Leningrad region

On the 18th of April, E.V.A. association ran a business meeting with representatives of non-profit organisations and state bodies from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region who help women facing hardship.

The meeting was held at the headquarters for volunteers and NGOs and gathered specialists from NGOs and governmental organisations.

Why was the meeting held and what was discussed? Natalia Sukhova, project coordinator of “Peer Counsellors” for E.V.A. association tells us about this.

The main aim of the meeting for us as organisers was to introduce different specialists to each other, refresh memories about ongoing projects and to establish co-operation and find ways to co-manage together in order to refer clients. As they say, we work in the same field, and so in order to provide all encompassing support to vulnerable families, we need to know each other well, know who does what and know what resources our partners, colleagues and friends have both in NGOs and state funded organisations.

As a results of the meeting, we have put together a collection of service providers where women can access help and support. As the project coordinator of “Peer to Peer support”, its important for me to be sure that when counsellors are in maternity wards, chatting with heavily pregnant women or women straight after childbirth, we don’t only emotionally support them, but also give 100% accurate information about all the services which are available to women and their families in any given situation.

Thank you to everyone who found the time to meet us. We would also like to thank the resource centre headquarters for providing a space to hold our event.

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