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E.V.A. is creating a single workspace for NGOs in St. Petersburg

E.V.A. invites NGOs in St. Petersburg to form a unitary group for the prevention of HIV and TB in the city

As part of the project “St. Petersburg and Bishkek- key HIV and TB prevention groups and priorities”, is aimed at speeding up reactionary measures to HIV, E.V.A. association is creating a united body for all NGOs in St. Petersburg.

One of the main objectives of the project is to support NGOs and private organisations working with core target groups in the field of HIV/ AIDS in St. Petersburg. Due to this, E.V.A. is organising a series of initiatives and inviting other organisations in St. Petersburg to take part in them.

Google Group- we are inviting NGOs in St. Petersburg to join our Google Group to share useful information about HIV/ AIDS, including news, discussions and event announcements. If you want to join the group, please fill out this form or write to the project co-ordinator Evgenia Pletneva at espletne@gmail.com.

Open meetings and training for NGO representatives- one of the key elements of this project is the research practice amongst the target group by NGOs and pro-active organisations to identify the needs of the group, determine the level of access to basic medical and welfare service and information and uncover difficulties faced by representatives of the target group. As part of this feature, there are plans to carry out a day long meeting for representatives of NGOs at the end of May, and research skills development workshops at the end of June. There are also plans for the allocation of small grants on a competitive basis. More detailed information with the date and place of these events will be sent out on the Google Group in the near future.

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