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Webinar Series about HIV for the We Can Community

The EVA Association is holding a webinar series about HIV infection for the We Can group, a community of women based on mutual learning.

The first webinar will already be held this Thursday.

Maria Godlevskaya, a peer counselor living with HIV for 19 years who works as a project coordinator for the EVA Association will debunk myths and share about relevant information related to HIV.

The first webinar, which will be conducted on the 17th of January (Thursday) at 7pm Moscow time, will be about the topic of HIV: transmission routes, prevention, and treatment.

The webinar will serve as an introduction: Maria will speak about how HIV is transmitted and how is isn’t transmitted (if you should be afraid of a needle in the metro, kissing a person with HIV, mosquito bites), share about how to protect yourself from infection, and explain what to do if the HIV test indeed shows a positive result.

5 minutes prior to the start of the webinar, We Can will publish a link to the livestream. We will share it in our social networks.

The lecture will be conducted on YouTube. The organizers have promised to record the video.

In the meantime you can familiarize yourself with other materials from this community on their YouTube channel.

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