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How to help HIV-positive women in St. Petersburg

The results of the round table on the support of HIV-positive women, organized by E.V.

In our city there are many medical and social (state and non-profit) organizations that somehow help HIV-positive women. To tell about the range of services provided, to share their own experiences, to meet with colleagues from other institutions – the goals pursued by the Association “EVA” in organizing the round table.

The theme of the event is the provision of social, advisory and medical assistance to HIV-positive women and their family members in St. Petersburg. The meeting took place on September 27 with the support of and on the territory of the family center of Krasnoselsky district. Representatives of social and medical institutions of the Krasnoselsky, Kirovsky and Admiralteisky districts, institutions providing assistance to drug addicts and NGOs (45 participants) met to discuss the main barriers to working with HIV-positive women and to identify ways of interaction between organizations.

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