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Meeting of the Coordinating Council on HIV / AIDS

On August 1, the Ministry of Health of Russia at the Coordination Council on HIV / AIDS, chaired by Deputy Minister Sergey Kraevoy, discussed issues of access to ART.

The meeting discussed interim results and prospects for the implementation of the State strategy to counter the spread of HIV infection until 2020, the effectiveness of HIV prevention programs in the workplace, as well as problems related to access to ART. Draft guidelines for the implementation of measures to prevent HIV infection in key population groups and to support the activities of NGOs in HIV services were reviewed.

Yulia Godunova, Director of the Association “EVA”, took part in the meeting: “I asked the question whether recommendations would be lowered to the regions as model ones. Answer: it is necessary to finalize and, possibly, adopt the Coordination Council. In the minutes of the meeting, she suggested including a remark on the need to remind the regions about the access of SO NPOs working in key groups to state funding. In addition, she spoke about adoption, noting that it is necessary to reflect in the minutes of the meeting, for how long the consideration of the issue is shifting, and at what stage are the proposals for changing the Government resolution now. If I understand correctly, they are waiting for a response from the Ministry of Education. ”

Tatyana Yevlampieva, Deputy Head of the Nonprofit Sector Development Department of the Social Development and Innovation Department of the RF Ministry of Economic Development, noted that it was important to hold the Coordination Council meeting in the format of discussions and discussions, and not to limit it to just the presentations, where to discuss barriers SO NPO in obtaining public funding.

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