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“CO-CREATE” Goodness

Participants of the initiative group CO-CREATE, who support our network, visited the hospital for HIV positive children.   On the 4th of January, participants of…
ркиб усть ижора

Participants of the initiative group CO-CREATE, who support our network, visited the hospital for HIV positive children.
On the 4th of January, participants of the initiative group CO-CREATE visited the Republican Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital in Ust-Izhora. HIV-positive children are being treated there and our heroes paid them a visit.
CO-CREATE — is from COllaborative CREATive antistrEss for HIV-positive people and their loved ones. As the description of the initiative states, it’s purpose is to gather HIV-positive people with their children, friends, and relatives in a workshop on the weekends and make various crafts with their own hands: picture frames, mugs, plates, etc. This allows them to blow off steam after the working week and spend time in a relaxed atmosphere, drink tea together and lift their spirits and those of their children.
Together with their children the women went on several trips, spent time together, and created things. Read on to find out their impressions.
“We were met very warmly and it was clear that we were expected – by the children, the personnel, and the parents. For this, a great thanks is due to the psychologists. There was a space prepared for crafting, hanging out with the children, and with prepared materials. The conditions were quite comfortable. This is 50% of the success, the rest of the initiative we brought with us and then supplemented with children’s smiles.
It was interesting to spend time with such different and talented children. Their radiant eyes and great desire to make a craft with their own hands, and the happiness with which they look at the result of their creativity leaves a warmth deep inside that continues to burn long after the visit. And the hugs and pleas to return confirm that it was a good decision to go. I would like to go back again, to spend time with the children, lead a class, and give back warmth and learn from each other.
After all, it’s not only children that learn artistic craft from us, but we learn from them how to be sincere and give kindness.
“This is my second year as a volunteer and I travel to various orphanages. All the children are very different. In Ust-Izhora I was captivated by the children’s desire to create, their diligence, and perseverance. I was entranced by their kindness and placidness.
When I heard that one of the children who worked with us lives in an orphanage and takes the crafts back there, I tried my best not to cry. I’ve never had such feelings. I wanted to take that boy home with me and love him with all my heart.
I want to make a fairytale and magic for these children. After all, that’s what they need more than anything: love, care, empathy, support… and, probably, a little miracle. Otherwise why do we need talent? Perhaps, in fact, so that we could do something magical for them.”
“I was very pleased by this trip. There was something honest, sincere, and light about it. And it was very important. Important that I want to give these children the joy of creation, communication, and positivity.”
More information about this initiative can be found in the group in the social network VKontakte. Be aware that this group is closed, so get in contact with the administrator Elena Ivanova, participant of the “E.V.A.” network. участнице сети «Е.В.А.». The link to Elena’s account is: E-mail:

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