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2016 Wrap Up: “E.V.A.” Will Prevail!

“E.V.A.” wraps up the people, projects, and figures of 2016. Most importantly: we have grown!   2016 started with a short video clip presenting our…

“E.V.A.” wraps up the people, projects, and figures of 2016. Most importantly: we have grown!
2016 started with a short video clip presenting our work. On the 21st of December, 2015, we celebrated our 5th year anniversary and therefore we decided to sum up the work we’ve accomplished since then.
In 2016 the number of members in NP “E.V.A.” reached 70! Our network is comprised of people affected by socially significant diseases and specialists from non-profit organizations in 24 regions across Russia.
10 of our network’s members received 236,492 rubles to carry out ideas related to their personal development as non-profit leaders and activists. The money was spent on holding trainings for trainers, learning English for work purposes, the registration of non-profit organizations, and many other activities. Next year we are planning to provide similar methodical support for 15 members.
We implemented over 13 projects to improve the lives of people with HIV, viral hepatitis, and other socially significant diseases in 2016. Following are brief summaries from several of them:
Peer counseling for people with HIV – EVA Caring (Saint Petersburg):
– Number of clients: 1,020 individuals
– Number of services provided: 1,680
Rapid HIV testing and retention of patients in treatment programs (6 regions of Leningrad Oblast):
– Number of rapid tests: 4,132
– Number of clients being assisted by multiprofessional teams: over 4,000
Preventing treatment refusals – Healthy Mother, Healthy Child (3 regions of the RF: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Tumen):
– Number of clients: over 900, of whom approximately 400 are pregnant women
– Number of consultations: over 2,700
Providing access to quality services at AIDS centers for people living with HIV (5 regions of the RF: Ekaterinburg, Perm, Samara, Novosibirsk, Leningrad oblast):
– Number of consultations: 434 for 3 months of working
Defending the rights of people with HIV – Peers Defending Peers:
– Number of consultations: 1,548
– 6 algorithms on how to handle different situations of patients’ rights abuses and 10 templates for writing statements for state institutions were developed
– 6 educational videos were filmed, explaining how to act in cases of patients’ rights violations.
Additionally, in 2016 we filmed 11 episodes in the videoblog The Way to the Important Things, held 10 webinars, and organized an array of significant events: the Women’s Zone at EECAAC 2016 (Moscow), the Doctor and Patient: Adherence to Treatment for Patients with HIV forum (Saint Petersburg), and a series of roundtables on issues related to HIV, viral hepatitis and drug dependency at the Saint Petersburg governmental media center.
A great deal of attention was given to viral hepatitis B and C this year. In four regions of the RF we conducted “patients’ schools” for people living with hepatitis and HIV. 4,000 brochures were printed on prevention, treatment, and life with hepatitis. A video clip on prevention was filmed with the paralympic champion Alyona Kaufman, which amassed almost 470,000 views on YouTube.
Another rather important aspect of our work has been research. In 2016 we started two interesting research projects simultaneously. One was devoted to issues of access to state budgeting for HIV service non-profits. The other was on factors which influence adherence to treatment among HIV positive women after giving birth.
And, since we are talking about children, we can’t help but share one of the main events of this past year with you: our Executive Director, Julia Godunova had her second son! Due to this, Julia is now on maternity leave and Irina Evdokimova has taken her place.
Dear friends, thank you for being with us in 2016! We wish you happiness, good health, and success in your endeavors in the new year! “E.V.A.” will prevail!

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