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Burnt by the sun and inspired by the training session

From June 27-29 in the sunny Krasnodar region, a training entitled ‘Consulting and Managing Pregnant HIV Positive Women and Women with Small Children on Issues…

From June 27-29 in the sunny Krasnodar region, a training entitled ‘Consulting and Managing Pregnant HIV Positive Women and Women with Small Children on Issues of Accepting Their Status and Adherence’ was held.
Participants included fifteen experienced and amateur peer counselors as well as employees from AIDS Centers and rehabilitation centers for drug addicts from Krasnodar, Tumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Ivanovo, Samara, Astrakhan, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk, Sevastopol’, Novosibirsk, and Essentuky.
The main topics of the training were:
— Particularities of peer counseling of women on issues related to HIV;
— Examples of peer counseling. Successful and unsuccessful experiences;
— Particularities of peer counseling of women-IDUs. Experience and analysis;
— Preventing burnout;
— Counseling HIV-positive people and partners in discordant couples on issues of conception including use of assisted reproductive technology (ART);
— Rights of HIV-positive pregnant women in the Russian Federation. The situation with breast milk substitute (BMS) in each region;
— The needs of HIV-positive children, teenagers, and their parents;
— Creating partnerships with regional AIDS Centers and various other equally useful and important topics.
In feedback from the training, participants noted:
— They enjoyed being separated into groups, which allowed them to take part in collaborating to develop solutions to solving problems that discordant couples face (one of the topics that the training addressed);
— They were able to reveal problems that women with HIV and women with children face;
— It was ‘a pleasure to hear concrete examples of real help’ from peer counselors;
— They were struck by the diversity of experience with IVF procedures for HIV-positive women (in Chelyabinsk this is no problem, while in Tumen, for example, it’s impossible even with a bribe);
— They found the exchange of positive experience to be useful as well as hearing about regional particularities of working with HIV-positive people.
It is worth mentioning that organizing such large-scale events is not a simple task. Fortunately, Ekaterina Mikhailova, logistics specialist and Natalia Utrovskaya, assistant coordinator for the project ‘Healthy Mama, Healthy Child’ successfully managed to arrange everything.
The training was in fact held as a part of the aforementioned project. Its purpose: preventing treatment refusal among HIV-positive pregnant women and women with children who are having difficult life situations.

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