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International Condom Day was celebrated in Saint-Petersburg

On the 13th of February International Condom Day was celebrated around the world.  It was not long ago that this date was recognised internationally -…

On the 13th of February International Condom Day was celebrated around the world.  It was not long ago that this date was recognised internationally – in 2007 – but each year activities dedicated to the celebration of this day become more and more diverse and relevant. In 2015, International condom day’s slogan is “Condoms are cool”.

February 12
On the 12th of February, the eve of International Condom Day, E.V.A. employee Alexei Lahov and photographer Natalia Zamanskikh conducted a photo shooting in the Leningrad regional center for the prevention of and fight against AIDS and other infectious diseases. Visitors and specialists from the center were willingly photographed with informational materials that were printed specially for condom day.
From the 1st of January through the 31st of December 2014, E.V.A. and the Leningrad regional state medical establishment “Center for the Prevention of and Fight Against AIDS and Other Infectious Diseases” carried out a project in four Leningrad regions entitled, “Retention of Patients in Medical Programs for HIV.” In 2014, 901 clients in Leningrad region were served by multi-professional teams and about 2246 consultations were held. The more common topics of consultations were: accepting one’s diagnosis, starting ARVT, safe sexual practices (especially for discordant couples), and counselling on issues of various addictions.
February 13
On February 13th E.V.A. and the charity “Humanitarian Action” handed out Love condoms and “Condoms are cool” flyers as part of the project for rapid HIV testing in the Nevsky area of Saint Petersburg. The informative materials presented the main myths about condoms and dispelled them in an accessible and clear manner with supporting evidence.
“Condom day has only been celebrated since 2007 and among its purposes is to attract the attention of young and sexually active people on the eve of Valentine’s Day with the message that condoms are an effective method to protect oneself from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. From my point of view this is especially relevant in our country considering that programs to distribute condoms are not very widespread nor are events on prevention sponsored by the government that would explain about effective methods of contraception and protection against HIV infection. Across the world the AHF plays an active role in promoting this day in particular. This year the slogan of International Condom Day is: “Condoms are cool!””, Denis Godlevsky, representative from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Russia, said.
Besides this, in preparing for the 13th of February, E.V.A. and ITPCru created a clip that plays with the issue of the bashfulness of women in the moment when they are proposing to men that condoms be used. The main message of the clip is – “Propose that he use a condom – it’s natural and simple”.
Thanks goes to the “AHF” (Russia) for financial and organizational support.
Photograph: Natalia Zamanskikh
Interview with D. Godlevsky: Ekaterina Poilova.

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