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EVA hotline Call Report for July-September 2014

Volunteers of the E.V.A. Association hotline receive calls related to the epidemics of HIV and other socially significant diseases. A brief report on the calls…

Volunteers of the E.V.A. Association hotline receive calls related to the epidemics of HIV and other socially significant diseases. A brief report on the calls to the Partnership’s telephone hotline from the period of July to December, 2014 is provided here.

The geography of our callers includes St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Moscow, Kazan, Barnaul and Ukraine. For the past few months, the telephone hotline has been operated by one person, Anastasia Mokina, one of the Board members of E.V.A. and also a woman living with an open HIV status.

The main inquiries are:

– learning about the schedule of the help group for HIV-positive women, which is conducted in EVA’s office;

– learning where one can get tested for HIV and/or hepatitis anonymously;

– counselling about HIV transmission;

– receiving emotional and psychological support after receiving their HIV diagnosis.

Naturally, there also are calls that are somewhat out of the typical situation. Here we have collected a few of these cases:

“A woman lives with HIV. Her 12-year-old daughter (HIV-negative) has an enlarged Mantoux test button. The client was wondering if it can be connected with her HIV status. In the call she was recommended to visit the children’s phthisiatrician, explained the difference between latent TB infection (LTBI) and TB, and invited to our group”…

“A young man gave cunnilingus to an HIV-positive girl. He wondered what the risk of getting infected with HIV was and where in St. Petersburg he could get tested. He was given contacts of the Botkin Hospital’s center, explained that the risk of infection is small, but it is necessary to be checked regularly, if there was unprotected sex”…

“A woman was pricked in transport 5 months ago, presumably, with a needle. Every month she gives her blood for HIV-testing, and was asking how much time should pass in order to know that the analysis was true for sure. At this point she has had 6 tests in half a year and HIV has not been detected yet”…

“A man was asked where he can get registered to participate in vaccine experiments” …

“A woman had an ultrasound examination in an expensive medical clinic and the doctor did not put a condom on the ultrasound sensor. She was worried that she could thus get infected with HIV, and was  counselled on the ways of HIV transmission” …

“An HIV positive woman lives with an HIV-negative partner (a discordant couple). She asked whether there are special syringes for injecting sperm into the vagina. I honestly told her that I have not heard about such syringes because everyone uses ordinary ones. We discussed other possible ways of this procedure”.

The hotline telephone number is 8 (921) 913 03 04. Operating hours are Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00.

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