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NP E.V.A recommends MONOLIZA

On the 9th of November 2014, at 8:00 pm in JAGGER Club (Saint-Petersburg), the third album, “Lines,” of the group MONOLI3A will be performed. Part…

On the 9th of November 2014, at 8:00 pm in JAGGER Club (Saint-Petersburg), the third album, “Lines,” of the group MONOLI3A will be performed. Part of the money made from sales will be donated to NP E.V.A.

Money for the recording and release of the album, which includes 13 songs, was collected via crowdfunding, otherwise known as fan-backed funding. What are MONOLI3A’s new songs about? “About eternal things, about meetings and separations, about wanderings, about street lamps. About fatalism and the course of time. About searching for keys and passwords to the hearts of your loved ones. About loneliness and the anticipation of Spring,” says the description of the event on the social network “VKontakte”.

In the summer of 2012 the group participated in a social project to fight HIV, during which the duet “Lines” was recorded with the leader of the band “Chaif” Vladimir Shakhrin. The frontman of the group “Pilot”, Iliya Chert, also took part in the recording of the clip.  The song quickly rose to number one and topped the charts for 5 consecutive weeks on local radio station “Chartova Duzhina”.

In the interview with the newspaper “Metro”, the group’s solist, Elizabeth Kostyagina, spoke about the story behind the song “Lines”, which gave the album its name:

“We invited Vladimir Shakhrin to participate in the recording of the song. I wrote him a letter. He responded positively and agreed to take part. The creation of this song was connected with the project, whose aim was to attract attention to the issue of HIV-infection. It’s possible that Shakhrin was interested in this philanthropic aim. And we immediately released both the song and the clip. By the way, from the sale of the discs we will give a certain percentage to a fund, actually, an all-Russia community that works to raise the quality of life for women, who are affected by the HIV epidemic”.

The Petersburg group MONOЛИЗА was founded in 2007. In five years they made great steps: time after time performing in Piter and Moscow, and visiting many other Russian cities to hold concerts as well as touring abroad in neighboring countries. The group was called “The Discovery of the Year” in an issue of the magazine “Petersburg Musician” and they also participated in large festivals, in the making of clips, and worked in movies.

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