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Visits to the orphanage for HIV positive children in Ust-Izhora

These are wonderful children – active, fun, cheerful, able to receive and give to others.   Aleksei Sharipov, a member of the Union of Journalists…

These are wonderful children – active, fun, cheerful, able to receive and give to others.


Aleksei Sharipov, a member of the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg, has been a volunteer at the orphanage since 2009. He explains, “In just the few years that I have come to the orphanage in Ust-Izhora, I have come to conclude a few important points. Children need activities because there is something special in games, rather than just walking and playing football for a few hours. When we arrive, the children break the rules in the best sense of the word. After greeting, children need games and activities. I also believe in the importance of interesting excursions in the city – in St. Petersburg where we have so many beautiful places that the young children have not seen. It is also necessary to inform new volunteers – about everything, especially with regards to talking about their diagnosis.”


Natalia Utrovskaya, an activist at the women’s network “E.V.A.” says “It is believed at times that less is more, but we strive for volunteers to come regularly, so that every child will eventually be able to find his senior companion, friend, helper, and mentor. It is important for every child to understand that he is and will be somebody outside the children’s home and that over time he will develop a family.


Anastasia Mokina a member of the Charitable Foundation “Candle” says, “The first time I visited the orphanage with volunteers who now have become friends with the children, I saw immediately how children can easily bond. It even seemed that they were more open, communicative than children who grow up in regular homes. In addition, they are very talented, caring and eager to develop their abilities. ”


Giavana Margo, a volunteer from the U.S. describes “I am educated as a teacher, and now a volunteer in St. Petersburg. When I arrived at the orphanage in Ust-Izhora, I was surprised by the friendly atmosphere created by the facility and how kind the kids were with each other. We drank tea at a table and I had the feeling that I was sitting in a circle of one big family. When I started a short English lesson with the girls, I was more excited than the kids. ”


Would you like to join us?!

We invite responsible, attentive, sociable, cheerful and energetic people!

·        Organizing team games (football, basketball etc)

·        Psychological Training and Career-guidance sessions

·        Dance lessons. We invite professional teachers of dance schools for children aged 7 to 15 years. As it turns out, the guys would like to dance on a regular basis – it is a nice exercise, and a dynamic activity with a sense of rhythm.

·        English lessons.

·        Economic and household lessons for girls and boys

·        Massage for children

·        Origami

·        Theater workshop

·        Drawing

·        Modeling

·        Singing

·        Floristry


Those who wish to offer their volunteer services, please contact Natalia Utrovskaya

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