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Elena Ivanova and the deputy Minister of Education discussed the issue of the right of people living with HIV to adopt or take guardianship of children

Back in August, when the legislative initiative by the Ministry of Education aimed at tightening the demands for adoption and guardianship was first being talked about, Elena Ivanova, EVA Association member and Peer-to-Peer Project Coordinator sent a request to the Ministry to ask for a meeting in person: Elena is

Questions for friends of people living with HIV

Imagine that one of your friends tells you, “I have HIV.” What would you say in such a case? How would you react? How can you support or help them? Is it important to think about your own safety? In preparation for World AIDS Day we released a video where


Plus Life: An Interview with an Author of a Novel about Life with HIV

  Kristina Gepting is a young writer from Novgorod who is the author of a novel about a teenager living with HIV entitled Plus Life. Last year she received the Litsei literature award for young authors and poets in the prose category for this book. The book struck the interest