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Remembrance Day is Close; it’s About Those Close to Us

  The third Sunday of May is World Remembrance Day of AIDS Victims. On this day HIV testing takes place around the world and people talk about the epidemic, prevention, and organize events directed towards reducing discrimination of people living with HIV, remember those who have passed and remind those


Conference on Issues of HIV and AIDS in EECA – Postscript

On the 20th of April the 6th International Conference on HIV and AIDS in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECAAC) 2018 came to an end. In mass media and social networks there were myriad of views about the event. EVA also decided to share about our participation in the conference


December 21, 2010 The EVA Association was Founded

“It is this women’s power club” — or how current members and supporters of the EVA Association wish the Organization a happy birthday.